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Create an original and creative art direction for a campaign that conveys the message that shopping at Local Yokels is like having a farmer’s market delivered straight to your door.
Roles: researcher, art director, designer, editor
Duration: 4 weeks
Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, Miro
Team: Sid Hauser
Client: school project / Local Yokels
Local Yokels is a small business and has limited reach making it difficult to attract customers who are not already familiar with the market. They have a finite delivery area around greater Seattle and portions of the Eastside. They compete with larger retailers who offer similar products at lower prices and have larger advertising budgets.
To meet this challenge, our team focused on an art direction that mixed witty copy and playful imagery to showcase the fun and convenience of shopping at Local Yokels. The campaign featured puns like "lettuce deliver straight to your door" and "we're grapeful for your support" to draw attention to the brand's commitment to fresh and local produce. The visuals included playful illustrations and humorous photos that showcase the quality of the products and the convenience of having them delivered. ​​​​​​​

Extensive research was conducted to develop a compelling marketing campaign for Local Yokels' food delivery service. This involved understanding customer preferences and challenges, exploring the brand's history and values, analyzing competitor websites and social media, and gathering feedback from both current and potential customers. The insights gained guided the strategic positioning of Local Yokels and ensured the campaign would appeal to the target audience.
By incorporating humor and puns into the campaign, we aimed to capture attention, create a memorable experience, and establish an emotional connection with potential customers. The use of witty copy and playful imagery not only showcased the fun and convenience of shopping at Local Yokels but also differentiated the brand from competitors and added an element of entertainment to the overall messaging.
The target market for Local Yokels is people who value the convenience of delivery, healthy eating, and locally sourced, fresh ingredients. This includes busy professionals, health-conscious individuals, families with young children, and anyone who wants to support local farmers and businesses. Based on available research, this would primarily be Seattle shoppers ages 40-55 who have some disposable income.
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Feedback received during interviews
Person 1: Not for everyday shopping, more for buying special products that I would not normally make myself. Not a place to shop for affordability. I buy most of my stuff from normal grocery stores.
Person 2: I am super serious about environmental issues. I buy organic and support independent farmers. Local Yokels seems well aligned with my beliefs.
Person 3: Buying from Local Yokels is a special something I do with my kids once a month. It’s a big deal for us. We all gather around the computer and we each get to pick something special. This is a treat that feels kind of like Christmas every month.
Person 4: I love the freshness and social aspects of shopping at farmers markets. Buying from Local Yokels is another way to get a similar experience when I don’t have time to actually go there. 
Our brainstorming sessions were an open playground of possibilities, where creativity knew no bounds. As a team, we embraced this freedom and let our imaginations run wild, resulting in a plethora of remarkably creative ideas.
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Throughout the design process, we embarked on several rounds of iterations to refine the final marketing copy. With each iteration, we meticulously honed the designs, carefully crafting them to capture the essence of Local Yokels and resonate with the target audience. 
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Merchandise Marketing
By turning individuals into walking billboards, wearable marketing harnesses the power of those who wear or display branded merchandise to promote the brand or message to a broader audience. This form of marketing proves to be cost-effective, as it expands brand visibility and reach beyond the original target audience, allowing the message to be organically shared with others who encounter these individuals.
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Social Media
We crafted captivating social media posts that reflect the essence of Local Yokels. We combined playful imagery, witty copy, and engaging captions to create posts that resonate with the target audience. Our social media presence amplifies the fun and convenience of shopping at Local Yokels while inspiring followers to join the movement.
The campaign generated positive feedback through reviews with peers and staff advisors, resulting in the expectation that this campaign was likely to increase brand awareness and sales in a real-world scenario. Consultants appreciated the humor and playfulness of the campaign, providing feedback that it helped differentiate Local Yokels from competitors and that the humor and puns used in the art direction successfully conveyed the message that shopping at Local Yokels is like having a farmer's market delivered straight to your door.

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