The Room That Puff Built

a quick, playful exploration of 3D in Adobe Illustrator

created using flat vector shapes and a variety of editing effects

Harmony Unveiled Poster

an AI exploration

image editing, background, collage work done in Photoshop

poem courtesy of ChatGPT
initial person images courtesy of
Vel's Trio Gig Poster

The task was to create a gig poster that would make a true fan of a particular band want to hang the poster on their wall as artwork. I interviewed someone about one of their favorite bands, selected a venue from a list of options, and picked a random date.
The repetitive lines represent the beat of the music, the curves represent the smooth sound, the colors represent the eclectic electronic tones, the dots represent the band members.

Wel's Trio is a band formed in London. They are characterized by progressive improvisation and experimental jazz-inspired electronics.
Northwest Folklife Festival Event Poster

The evolution of a poster 
1) free-form mind-mapping
2) unrestricted sketch explorations
3) lofi layouts
4) computer-edited explorations
5) Final render

The Northwest Folklife Festival is an annual event that celebrates and showcases the diverse cultural traditions, music, dance, arts, crafts, and food of the Pacific Northwest region and beyond.

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