Motion Mini's
using  Adobe AfterEffects 
ITC Logo - design & animation
A multi-step logo design and animation for a fictitious company:
Innovative Technology Design
Product: The Genius Gadget

Music : Futuristic 149429 by Pixabay
Animated Shapes Practice

A motion graphic practice exercise using Adobe AfterEffects to animate shapes.

Kinetic Typography

one part sound clip + a ridiculous number of motion effects = 
an interesting motion graphics creation done in AfterEffects

sound bite: "Taken" courtesy of
Sphere Sphun

A delightful exploration of frolicking spheres.

Music: For A Good Laugh by Neil Cross
OOhm EeBaa, the alien
A fun project using an Illustrator image, separating the layers, and adding animation... plus a bit more!

Original Illustrator file courtesy of Jason Hoppe.
Motion Graphic Title created for SCCA Portshowlio Show 2023
Animated Logo created for SCCA Portshowlio Show 2023
Playful Arrow Animations for SCCA Portshowlio 2023
Motion Graphics added to Marketing Video for 
SCCA Portshowlio 2023
Intro to Motion Graphics
design inspiredComplete Intro to Motion Graphics Full After Effects Course by TipTut
Red Light Vintage Animated Logo Design Experiment
for a Re-Branding Project
Opening to Explainer Video Experiment about AI
for a School Project
Cat-Dog-Horse-Dragon Running
- optional class challenge -
Growing Vines
Video Mini's
using Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe AfterEffects, & Adobe Audition
Product Video
a student exploration that included all aspects of production: planning, storyboarding, filming, editing, sound design, and post-production processing
Stock Video Challenge
create a video story using only stock video clips found online
Blender Project Video Challenge
working in teams, create a video that must include a randomly selected character (Maria, the Matriarch), prop (a scooter), and phrase ("I decided to never fall in love again. It's a disgusting habit.")

Video Re-Edit
a training challenge to re-cut and re-edit an existing video clip adding visual effects, sound edits, and new music
Cloud Paper Video
a group project product promotion incorporating all aspects of production: 
planning, storyboarding, filming, editing, sound design, and post-production processing
Sound Design Practice Video
My First AE Motion Project
I was initially introduced to motion graphics and Adobe AfterEffects in a short breakout session at school. I was instantly fascinated and fell in love with it. 
This was one of the projects we worked on. I selected an existing video clip and then explored a variety of effects, transitions, masking processes, and other edits.
Video with Text
a training challenge to include simple text and logo reveals using stock video footage
Music Video
a training exercise that encouraged experimenting with camera shots and angles, editing options, inventive storylines, sound editing, and all aspects of producing a music video
Student Video Experiment
an introductory learning project requiring specific shot angles, shot styles, and processing cuts

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