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Refresh Red Light Vintage’s branding to enhance its visibility among new and returning customers and to showcase its exceptional, unique, and eclectic qualities.
Roles: researcher, art director, designer, editor
Duration: 11 weeks
Tools: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Miro, Figma
Client: school project / Red Light Vintage
How might we create a consistent and clear visual representation of Red Light Vintage's brand, expand its visibility, and appeal to its target audience? As retailers move online, how might Red Light Vintage compete in this space?
Our solution is to refresh the storefront, create an "easy to use and easy to keep up" online presence, and promote passive marketing through merchandise. By unifying their brand voice and putting Red Light in the places where customers will be looking, we can attract and retain vintage shoppers searching for products online, retain and excite people who love it, and grab the attention of people who've never noticed it, thereby increasing brand awareness and customer engagement.
We began with research, which included an in-person visit to the store, conversations with employees and customers, an exploration of the store's online presence (website, social media), and an analysis of the competition. This was followed by brainstorming sessions to identify what Red Light Vintage needed, such as an updated website and in-store signage.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
In-Person Visit
Side Window
Side Window
In-Store Panaramic View
In-Store Panaramic View
Rack Signage
Rack Signage
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We used a number of techniques for our brainstorming sessions with the goal of defining primary tonal territories and a mission statement that would act as the foundation and north-star for the rebranding process.
The tonal territories we selected were:
   Rebellious: authentic, individualistic, self-directed
   Theatrical: expressive, performative, illuminated
   Vintage: iconic, classic, elegant
   Eclectic: queer, flamboyant, amplified fashion
Mission Statement       
Our mission at Red Light Vintage is to empower personal style through an expansive selection of reasonably-priced clothing and accessories. We curate at the intersection of vintage and thrift, providing a low-pressure shopping environment that promotes uninhibited fashion choices. As a local small business, we strive to be the go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts seeking the unique and eclectic. We pride ourselves on offering niche items in an exploratory atmosphere, with an emphasis on self-expression. Red Light is dedicated to providing a platform for customers to amplify their own unique style.
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Red Light Vintage offers a diverse selection of clothing and accessories that caters to a wide range of individuals.
The store's unique and fashionable apparel appeals to college students looking for everyday wear or special occasion attire, as well as resellers seeking distinctive items for their online shops. Additionally, older women with specific aesthetic preferences also find the store appealing. Red Light Vintage has proven itself a great option for bargain hunters, as the store offers competitive and equitable pricing on sports gear and other merchandise. The store's extensive selection of alternative fashion options makes it a destination for actors, costumers, and play productions in need of specific wardrobe pieces. It is also a popular choice for Halloween, Mardi Gras, and themed-event costume seekers. 
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Our moodboard went through several iterations as we explored imagery and typography, as well as worked more in-depth with the tonal territories.
At first, we were leaning more in a theatrical direction with header typography resembling back-stage mirrored lights. As we continued, we found our decisions were influenced more by the traits of rebellious and eclectic. We eventually went full circle with concepting led once again by the trait of theatrical, but with typography that better supported trait-blending.
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Initial Header Typography
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Final Typography
Web Presence
In order to align with Red Line Vintage's preference for a minimal online presence and their focus on maintaining their physical store, we implemented a streamlined update to their website and designed customizable templates for their Instagram account. These changes offer an easily maintainable solution while effectively showcasing their new brand image and engaging their audience within their preferred offline environment.
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Throughout the process of rebranding Red Light Vintage, the development and implementation of the style guide has been instrumental in creating a unified and consistent identity for the store. By establishing clear visual guidelines for logo usage, color palette, typography, imagery style, and design elements, we have ensured brand consistency and cohesion across all platforms. This comprehensive guide serves as a valuable resource that will continue to maintain the brand's integrity and visual impact, reinforcing Red Light Vintage's unique and timeless aesthetic both online and in its physical store.

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